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10 Things to Thank Your Mom For


Right now, I urge you to go hug your mother and thank her…

  1. Thank you for greeting me with hugs and ice cream after a bad day. Whenever I thought things couldn’t get better, you always made sure they did.
  2. Thank you for disobeying my wish to be alone, and coming into my room when I was curled up into a ball crying. You cried with me and always made sure I knew that I wasn’t in this world alone.
  3. Thank you for being the worlds most fearless woman. You had the kindest heart, yet were a hardass when you had to be. You taught me the beauty in being multi-faceted.
  4. Thank you for telling me when I was wearing too much eyeliner or when my shirt was too low in high school. You taught me class.
  5. Thank you for being strong enough to let me in on your weak moments. I had even more respect for you when I saw you overcome them, and you taught me that we are all allowed to be human.
  6. Thank you for letting me tell my deepest secrets to you without judgement (even when they were TMI). You were my place of refuge.
  7. Thank you for our mommy-daughter movie nights, and for making those take priority over the sixteen year girl that would rather hang out with her friends. Our relaxing evenings together are some of my favourite memories.
  8. Thank you for being my worst enemy when I was out of line. You taught me the importance of boundaries and respect but…
  9. …thank you for being my best friend the remainder of the time. I’ve never met a better friend than you, ma.
  10. Thank you for teaching me (without knowing it) how to be similar to the woman you were. There’s never been a better gift than looking in the mirror and seeing a little piece of you.

Please go and thank your mothers. You’ll never know when the opportunity to thank them may pass.

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P.S. January Favourites to come tomorrow!