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Today, I want to share a few of my gym must-haves!


  • Lululemon capris: for me, nothing compares to their flexibility! My favourite are the Wunder Unders. They are pricey, but they last forever…and flatter like no other. (Find LuluLemon here)
  • Live Fit shirts: I used to stock up on Lululemon shirts, but I love that Live Fit Apparel isn’t as tight. I like to be comfortable at the gym, sans cleavage. (Find LiveFit Apparel here)
  • Nike ball cap (find Nike here)
  • Underarmour runners: I wouldn’t suggest them for running, but they are awesome for weight lifting (find UA here)



  • Jaybird earphones: they connect through Bluetooth, so you can enjoy your entire workout with your phone away from your body (Find Jaybird here)
  • ReGen BCAA: BCAA’s help with endurance and muscle recovery. Majority of trainers will suggest adding these into your routine. They taste great too! I also highly recommend the brand MANN – I just don’t have them on hand! (Find ReGen here)


What are some of your gym necessities?!

Thanks for reading xx

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