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Who would you invite to a celebrity dinner party – dead or alive – and why?

  • Julia Roberts – Julia is my all time favourite actress and she has been for years. I find she has such a powerful vulnerability to her, however she still manages to exude strength in her acting. Julia Roberts is timeless. For no other reason, I would just love to invite her to stare at her lips and appreciate her talent.
  • Julianne Hough – Julianne is one of my favourite up and coming actresses. She has a a sweetness to her but an interesting family history. I would mostly just love her to come with her hair stylist Riawna Capri so I could get the hair secrets behind the stunning actress/singer. (Julianne Hough and her short “Safe Haven” do is my ultimate hair-spiration.)
  • Neil Young – My music of choice has always been country. However, when I am ready to kick back, I throw on Neil Young. Some of my favourite tracks by this talent: Harvest Moon, Heart of Gold and Old Man. He could play the background music to the dinner party and give the soirĂ©e a mature vibe.
  • Robin Williams – The great. Robin inspired me and then broke my heart and then inspired me some more. It’s incredible how some of the most unlikely people seem to be battling the toughest demons. I would love for him to attend so I could see his smile, reminisce about his favourite roles and pick his brain. Suicide hits close to home for me. Not to mention, his smile is ridiculously infectious
  • Kristen Wigg – Every dinner party needs somebody to kick up the humour. Kristen Wiig is a hoot. I would equally settle for Tina Fey, Seth Rogan or Amy Shumer to get the party started.


Would love to hear who you’d invite to your dinner party,

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